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NY landmarks lit up in solidarity with Israel amidst attacks, growing conflict

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Governor Kathy Hochul has ordered state landmarks to be lit in blue and white, symbolizing New York’s solidarity with Israel, following the attacks reported this weekend by Hamas.

“New York stands with Israel – today and every day,” said Governor Hochul, noting New York’s distinction of housing the largest Jewish community outside of Israel.

In a precautionary measure, Governor Hochul has coordinated with the New York State Police and other local law enforcement agencies, including the NYPD, to ensure heightened security for places of worship and other potentially vulnerable locations.

State officials, in collaboration with federal agencies such as the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, are closely monitoring the situation, even though there are no direct threats at present.

In the aftermath of the attacks, preliminary reporting indicates a minimum of four U.S. citizens were among the casualties in Israel.

Israel’s declaration of war in retaliation against Hamas marks a significant escalation, as Israeli forces intensify their operations in the Gaza Strip and southern towns.

The situation has led to concerns of a broader conflict, especially following a brief clash between Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah group in northern Israel. Meanwhile, in the U.S., several cities, including Atlanta, Chicago, New York, and others, witnessed rallies both in support of Israel and advocating for Palestinian rights. The conflict has claimed over 1,000 lives and left thousands injured on both sides.