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Watkins Glen Central School will take part in safety drill

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Multiple agencies, including the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office, Watkins Glen Police Department, and NYS Department of Homeland Security, will collaborate on Thursday for a controlled school safety drill at Watkins Glen Central School.

The drill aims to assess the efficiency of emergency responses, communication procedures, and coordination between first responders and school personnel during potential crisis situations. Taking place after regular school hours, this simulated exercise will involve participants adhering to established safety protocols and will see additional participation from other regional law enforcement agencies.

Residents and parents are informed that the drill is a planned exercise and not a real-time emergency. They can expect a heightened presence of law enforcement and emergency vehicles near the school during the drill, although no significant traffic disturbances are anticipated. The primary objective remains the ongoing safety and security of the school’s students and staff. Concerned individuals can direct their inquiries to the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office at (607) 535-8222.