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Tompkins County achieves top rank in New York’s Climate Smart Community program

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Tompkins County has once again been distinguished as a Climate Smart Community (CSC) with its recent recertification, marking its ongoing commitment to combating climate change. Out of all the counties in New York State, Tompkins County stands out with the highest score, amassing 360 points, thereby securing the Silver Climate Smart Community status.

This prestigious accolade is currently held by only nine communities statewide. Tompkins’ notable achievement can be attributed to its 46 actions, rooted in county policies and initiatives, which encompassed efforts like reducing energy consumption, transitioning to renewable energy sources, and boosting community resilience against climate adversities.

The CSC recertification resonates with Tompkins County’s broader objective to achieve net-zero emissions across its facilities, fleet, and the wider community, as detailed in their Energy Strategy. This dedication is evident in the numerous environment-friendly initiatives, such as water-efficient fixtures, enhanced building energy management systems, and the shift to LED lighting, as highlighted by Terry Carroll, Chief Sustainability Officer for Tompkins County. Both Anne Koreman, Tompkins County Legislator, and Shawna Black, Chairwoman of the Tompkins County Legislature, expressed their pride and satisfaction with the county’s significant strides in realizing its environmental goals and fostering a healthier, more resilient community.