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Waterloo Fire Department has new engine to make first response better

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Waterloo has welcomed a new addition to its fire department, a 2017 Spartan Fire engine, poised to replace the older 1999 model. The upgraded engine boasts a significantly enhanced water pumping capacity, able to deliver 1500 gallons per minute (GPM), marking an improvement over the previous model’s 1250 GPM rate. The fire department anticipates that this modern apparatus, outfitted with cutting-edge extraction tools and fire suppression gear, will be the main engine dispatched to emergencies in the village.

Chief Shaw, in a statement released on the Waterloo Fire Department’s Facebook page, extended his gratitude to the community and all involved in procuring the firetruck. He emphasized the collective effort, involving numerous donations and cooperative endeavors, to actualize the vision of acquiring this advanced equipment.

This strategic upgrade in fire response equipment is indicative of Waterloo’s ongoing commitment to public safety and emergency responsiveness. The new Spartan engine will primarily be leveraged to optimize the department’s operational efficacy in managing emergencies, ensuring faster and more efficient responses to fire outbreaks and other incidents within the village.