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Peruvian national arrested on federal charges after bomb threats across U.S., including one at Temple Beth-El in Geneva

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Eddie Manuel Nunez Santos, a Peruvian resident, is now under arrest following charges over a series of alarming hoax bomb threats across five U.S. states, causing widespread fear and disruption.

The threats, encompassing over 150 locations including schools, synagogues, and hospitals, occurred between September 15 and September 21, 2023. One of those threats occurred locally, when a bomb threat at Temple Beth-El in Geneva was investigated, and later deemed not credible.

According to U.S. Attorney Damian Williams and FBI Assistant Director James Smith, these threats compelled thousands of schoolchildren to evacuate, caused flight delays, and instigated a hospital lockdown.

These series of threats were purportedly sent in retaliation by Nunez Santos after several minors rejected his obscene solicitations for explicit content. Arrested in Lima, Peru, on September 26, Santos not only induced terror but also allegedly attempted to exploit and coerce minors, provoking extensive federal and state mobilization and diverting critical public safety resources.

Investigations revealed that the threats, sent primarily via email, originated from Nunez Santos. He targeted diverse institutions across New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Arizona, and Alaska, and his threats contained substantially consistent and intimidating content. His actions not only jeopardized public safety but also strained law enforcement resources.

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Several threats from Santos also included specific contact details and demanded the recipients to reach out, which led to the uncovering of his illicit online communications with minors. Using the alias “Lucas,” he deceived and approached his victims, presenting himself as a 15-year-old. His retaliatory threats were instigated when his victims severed communication or refused his obscene requests, marking their institutions with threats and directing them to contact the minors.

Nunez Santos faces multiple severe charges including transmitting threatening interstate communications, conveying false information and hoaxes, attempting to sexually exploit a child, attempting to coerce and entice a minor, and attempting to receive child pornography. These serious offenses collectively entail stringent penalties ranging from mandatory imprisonment to a potential life sentence, with final sentencing determined by a judge.

The apprehension of Nunez Santos highlights the meticulous collaboration between the FBI’s New York Joint Terrorism Task Force, several FBI field offices, and international law enforcement, including Peruvian authorities, exemplifying the unwavering commitment to maintaining public safety and ensuring justice, regardless of geographical constraints.