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Suspects at-large after pair of overnight shootings in Ithaca

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Ithaca Police are diligently investigating two shootings that occurred late Tuesday night, mere minutes apart from each other. The initial shooting was reported around 10:22 p.m. when an individual, emerging from a local business on the 500 block of Spencer Rd., reported hearing multiple gunshots. Three minutes later, another burst of gunfire was reported near Cecil A. Malone Dr., with witnesses in the vicinity reporting multiple shots around 10:25 p.m.

Authorities promptly responded, scouring both locations for any evidence or individuals related to the incidents. Despite extensive searches, police have yet to uncover any substantial leads or suspects.

The investigations are ongoing, and authorities are working to determine whether there is any connection between the two incidents. Currently, no conclusive evidence links the shootings, leaving the motive and any possible relation shrouded in uncertainty.

In a bid to gather more information, police are urging local residents to review any potential footage from personal security cameras that may have captured the incidents.