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Deputy adopts K-9 from sheriff’s office after Bloodhound chooses life off the road

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Ruby, the newly acquired bloodhound for the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit, seemed promising as an addition to the force, intended for roles in drug detection and people tracking.

Despite undergoing rigorous training and being paired with handler Deputy Megan King, Ruby displayed a clear preference for a laid-back lifestyle over law enforcement duties.

The realization came after several weeks of observing Ruby’s reluctance to participate in work activities, which was later confirmed by external trainers evaluating her unwillingness to engage in crime-fighting tasks, according to the Times of Wayne County.

Deputy King, expressing her affection for Ruby, decided to adopt her for a nominal fee of $1, making Ruby a part of her family alongside two other dogs.

This decision, although stemmed from Ruby’s uninspiring performance in law enforcement tasks, underscores the bond and companionship between officers and their canine partners.

Meanwhile, the K-9 unit of Wayne County, which operates solely on contributions and fundraisers without taxpayer money, is home to three German Shepherds and a comfort dog, a black Lab named Romeo, utilized for victim support and child interviews.

Looking forward, Officer King is set to be paired with another bloodhound, ensuring compatibility and readiness for law enforcement duties.

The procurement and training process of these specialized dogs can be costly, often exceeding $10,000, and the selection is crucial to the efficiency of the K-9 unit.