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What’s next for Town & Country Plaza in Geneva?

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Town & Country Plaza, a shopping center in Geneva that was recently foreclosed upon by Wells Fargo Bank, has become the subject of redevelopment discussions among Geneva City Council.

The Finger Lakes Times reports that the plaza, which fell into the bank’s hands after the prior owners defaulted on a $13.2 million loan, has been seen by some council members as a property with potential for revitalization.

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They believe appropriate zoning adjustments could potentially transform the struggling, 1950s-built plaza on Hamilton Street into a modern, mixed-use development, encompassing housing, retail, fitness centers, and restaurants, modeled after developments in the Capitol District.

In recent discussions, Councilor Ken Camera emphasized that the current proposed zoning of Gateway Business doesn’t provide sufficient encouragement for developers to undertake such comprehensive projects. He has urged the new Planning Director, David West, to modify the zoning to foster such development. Other councilors, such as Tom Burrall and Jan Regan, see the opportunity to create a development where every service is within walking distance, attracting young professionals, a demographic they believe is currently lacking in Geneva.

It’s unclear what the next steps would be with this particular property, as the city and residents look forward.