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Auburn Walmart gets chicken shop to match Geneva store

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Shoppers at two local Walmarts now have a fresh option for their dining convenience, thanks to the opening of Krispy Krunchy Chicken outlets in Auburn and Geneva.

This marks the Louisiana-based chain’s first venture into the New York market, with Auburn and Geneva hosting the debut locations. Krispy Krunchy, established in 1989, has earned a reputation for its “Freshly made, perfectly Cajun” fried chicken, and has expanded to over 2,700 locations in 47 states, primarily in convenience and grocery stores.

ADS Concepts of Interlaken operates these new outlets, along with eleven others located exclusively within Walmart stores in states like Florida, Arizona, and Arkansas. These eateries offer patrons a menu consisting of spiced fried chicken and a variety of popular sides including mashed potatoes, red beans and rice, and macaroni and cheese, allowing shoppers to experience flavorful Cajun cuisine while they shop.

The company shows no signs of slowing down, with an additional 31 locations currently under construction. ADS Concepts has set a goal to open 100 Krispy Krunchy Chicken locations by the end of 2024, highlighting the increasing collaboration between retail giants and fast-food chains and enhancing the in-store experience for shoppers across multiple states.