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New Yorkers most concerned about cost of living, Siena Poll finds

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A recent poll by Siena College unveiled that a majority of New Yorkers are troubled by the state’s rising cost of living, with 80% indicating it as a major concern. This sentiment is reflected in the 57% of participants who believe the quality of life in the state is deteriorating. When asked about the most pressing issues, 27% pinpointed the cost of living as paramount, followed by concerns about the recent influx of migrants (19%), affordable housing (18%), and crime (17%).

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Notably, these issues resonated across party lines. While the order of importance differed between Democrats, Republicans, and independents, there was broad agreement about the severity of these challenges. “It’s striking to see such alignment among party lines on these core problems. From cost of living to housing, crime, and migrant concerns, New Yorkers are largely united in their concerns,” remarked Steven Greenberg, the Siena College pollster. The poll also revealed a prevailing sentiment that the state is on the wrong track, with 52% of respondents indicating so, and only a minority expressing optimism about the state’s direction.

In the political sphere, the poll unveiled some mixed perceptions. While President Joe Biden outpaces former President Donald Trump with a 52-31% lead in a head-to-head matchup, there’s significant skepticism around both. At least 60% of respondents questioned the fitness of both Biden and Trump to serve another presidential term. Despite these reservations, Biden’s favorability rating in New York rose slightly from the previous month, and Governor Kathy Hochul saw a small bump in her job approval numbers.