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Issues arise with NYSP ammo database and background checks

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Since the introduction of a new law mandating background checks for ammunition purchases, many New York gun owners have reported improper denials or extended delays in acquiring ammunition for their legal firearms.

The legislation allows gun and ammunition dealers to submit background checks online around the clock. However, some purchasers report waiting from 30 minutes to several days for a response. The new system also imposes additional fees, $9 for firearm purchases and $2.50 for ammunition, to fund the State Police system’s operations.

Officials with the state Rifle and Pistol Association, voiced concerns after being denied ammo despite his long-standing pistol permit in the state. A 30-day appeal process is available if the State Police reject a sale. Still, the duration of the appeal can vary based on the denial’s reasoning.

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The legislation came in response to a U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned the state’s concealed carry statute. It also allocated $20 million for the 2023-24 budget for State Police to implement the new system and hire an additional 100 staff members.

However, the exact number of hires and details on the database rollout remain unclear. State Police have yet to provide statistics on the number of background check applications received since the law’s inception.