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Democratic registrations surge in Ontario County: New voters and candidates

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The political landscape in Ontario County is undergoing a significant shift. According to the Board of Elections, since the start of 2023, the Democratic Party has seen a surge in new registrations.

Furthermore, the upcoming November 2023 elections will witness a record number of Democrats vying for county, town, and city offices. This surge marks a transformative moment for a county that has historically been a Republican bastion.

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John Hurley, Chair of the Ontario County Democratic Committee (OCDC), attributes this shift to a growing alignment with Democratic values among county residents. “Ontario County is progressively leaning towards values like equality, social justice, environmental preservation, and middle-out economic growth,” said Hurley. He believes the community’s dissatisfaction with Republican policies has paved the way for the Democratic party’s expansion at the local level, offering citizens a chance to redefine the county’s governance this November.

The OCDC’s community outreach and charitable endeavors have also boosted its presence.

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Recent initiatives include monthly drives that gathered essentials like food, clothing, and school supplies for local organizations.

As National Voter Registration Day approached on September 19th, the group focused its efforts on voter registration, with subsequent campaigns aiming to collect coats and toys. Hurley emphasizes that party affiliation plays a crucial role at the local level and believes a diverse representation will collaboratively address the county’s challenges.