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Survey spotlights New York workforce priorities amid changing job market

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The New York State Department of Labor (NYSDOL) released findings from its 2023 Workforce Development Survey today, emphasizing the increasing importance of job flexibility for employees. At the same time, businesses pinpoint attracting and retaining employees as primary hurdles. Conducted jointly with Empire State Development and the New York State Business Council, this survey provides insights into the changing dynamics of employment in the state, compiling responses from over 2,400 businesses and 8,200 individuals.

Labor Commissioner Roberta Reardon underscored the post-pandemic challenges businesses face in hiring, stating, “The insights from this collaborative effort help us grasp the shifts in the labor landscape and craft strategies to align individuals with suitable careers.” According to the survey, companies are grappling with a limited talent pool, with increased regulation, inflation fears, and the urgency for skilled trades training amplifying their concerns.

From the employee perspective, priorities have evolved. While paid leave, higher wages, and health insurance remain essential, the option for full-time remote work emerged as a notable incentive. To address the skills gap and meet worker preferences, NYSDOL provides free services such as online training, career guidance, and job fairs. The survey also spotlighted barriers such as age discrimination, lack of access to educational resources, and restricted professional networks for those pursuing higher-paying roles.

Empire State Development CEO Hope Knight emphasized the state’s data-driven approach to workforce development, noting the focus on growth industries and underrepresented communities. “The 2023 survey outcomes will guide our strategies to spur sustainable economic growth,” she stated. Echoing this sentiment, Heather Mulligan, CEO of the Business Council of New York State, emphasized the acute need for skilled workers to bolster the state’s economy, pledging the Council’s commitment to nurturing relevant programs.

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