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Canandaigua raises Casella’s landfill leachate treatment rates

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Casella Waste Services of Ontario LLC, which has been sending its leachate from the Ontario County Landfill to the city’s water resource recovery facility for treatment, will soon face an increased rate.

Previously paying 3 cents per gallon for the treatment, the new agreement dictates a charge of 7 cents per gallon starting September 2024.

This rate will continue to climb during the 15-year duration of the contract, rising 3% annually following the second year after the city completes its wastewater facility upgrades.

The city’s water treatment facility on Saltonstall Street, which possesses excess capacity, has been a long-time leachate processor for Casella.

Revenue from this price increase will support the city’s transition from anaerobic digestion to a TermAer ATAD system, enabling the conversion of biosolids into fertilizer rather than landfill waste.

The revised contract also stipulates that Casella reserves capacity for an average 80,000 gallons of leachate daily and adheres to mandated leachate testing before transfer to the city facility. In return, Casella retains the right to request sludge from the city if needed.