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Hochul considers special session amid NY migrant influx; urges federal action

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Gov. Kathy Hochul is contemplating convening a special legislative session to tackle the surge in migrants seeking asylum in New York.

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This comes after New York City Mayor Eric Adams reported an estimated monthly influx of 10,000 asylum seekers. Hochul emphasized her commitment to finding a legal solution for allowing over 60,000 migrants to work in the state, addressing the 460,000 job vacancies statewide, including 5,000 on farms. The governor highlighted the dual crises she faces: the humanitarian aspect of the migrant surge and the significant workforce shortage.

In recent discussions with White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients and ongoing dialogues with President Biden’s administration, Hochul seeks federal support for the state’s challenges. She urged the state’s congressional members, particularly House Republicans, to influence immigration reform and secure necessary funding. While Republican officials attribute the migrant surge to the state’s sanctuary policies for undocumented immigrants, Hochul argues that the problem is broader, linking it to New York City’s 1981 right-to-shelter law. Stressing the importance of setting politics aside, Hochul called for comprehensive assistance from Washington, emphasizing workforce authorization, housing, education, and healthcare support.

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