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Canandaigua Lake experiences significant HABs outbreak amid heat

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  • Staff Report 

Canandaigua Lake saw a notable increase in CyanoHABs (cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms) activity this week, with 25 reported blooms.

Between September 6th and 7th, trained volunteers and members of the public documented 22 blooms, especially along the northeast shoreline from Otetiana Point to LeTourneau. Ideal conditions for CyanoHAB formation were evident with several consecutive days of 90-degree sunny weather and near-still conditions. A slight wind shift on Wednesday concentrated the cyanobacteria along different parts of the lake, exacerbating the bloom situation.

This week marked the summer’s first major cyanoHAB outbreak on the lake. Samples sent to the Finger Lakes Institute in Geneva confirmed all tested above the bloom threshold, with levels surpassing 25 micrograms per liter of blue-green algae. However, following recent temperature shifts and rainfall, fewer blooms have been reported, with clear conditions in several areas. Residents and visitors are urged to remain vigilant, observing the water for signs of further blooms, especially on hot and calm days. Questions and concerns can be directed to [email protected].