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Seneca Falls audit reveals inadequate cash collection management

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An audit aimed at assessing the Town of Seneca Falls’ cash collection procedures has exposed significant lapses in the management and safeguarding of funds.

The report, issued on August 25, 2023, uncovered that town officials inadequately safeguarded cash collections. Specific findings pinpointed an improper deposit and recording of approximately $10,000 in permit fees and $2,000 in facility rental security deposits.

Furthermore, the Town Supervisor’s office failed to maintain sufficient receipt documentation for cash collections amassing $186,873, and regular reconciliations were either overlooked or not thoroughly reviewed.

The lack of proper segregation or review of accounting functions by the staff and the absence of a town-wide cash collection policy further amplified the concerns.

Governed by a five-member elected Board, the Town of Seneca Falls in Seneca County, has entrusted the Board with the task of supervising the town’s operations and financial matters.

The Town Supervisor, a member of the Board, shoulders the responsibility of overseeing the town’s fiscal activities, which includes safeguarding financial records and handling town cash collections. Last year, in August 2022, the Board appointed a Town Manager to streamline the day-to-day management of town operations.

However, the audit, spanning January 1, 2021, to March 17, 2023, highlighted the pressing need for better cash management practices. While the town officials have generally concurred with the audit’s recommendations, they have expressed intentions of rolling out corrective measures.

The Town offered the following response in-full to the state: