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NY initiates measures to tackle truck bridge strikes across Upstate NY

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In a strategic move to curtail collisions with low-clearance railroad bridges, Governor Kathy Hochul announced that advanced safety enhancements will be introduced this week in the Capital Region and Central New York.

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Orchestrated by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), these advancements will be seen along Onondaga Lake Parkway in both Liverpool and Salina towns of Onondaga County, and Glenridge Road in Glenville, Schenectady County.

Governor Hochul voiced her concerns about the recurrent bridge strikes, stressing the importance of these measures for safeguarding drivers, first responders, and local communities from associated risks and inconveniences.

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Two key sites have been pinpointed for the roll-out. On Glenridge Road, the focus will be on mitigating accidents at the Canadian Pacific Railway-owned bridge. By Thursday, August 31, a sophisticated vehicle detection mechanism incorporating infrared sensors, flashing beacons, floodlights, and cameras will be operational. This system, designed to provide timely alerts to operators of over-height vehicles, is a part of NYSDOT’s continuous efforts since November 2021 to reduce bridge strikes at this location.

Parallelly, Onondaga Lake Parkway will undergo lane restrictions to help regulate traffic flow and prevent mishaps at the CSX-owned railroad bridge. The modifications in this parkway also comprise the addition of signs, beacons, pavement markings, and an electronic detection mechanism for over-height vehicles. As these enhancements take shape, NYSDOT continues its advisory to drivers on the importance of using commercial-grade GPS systems that factor in bridge heights, and is actively collaborating with stakeholders to guarantee safe routing for trucks.