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Former Auburn doctor fined for overprescribing dangerous opioids

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Dr. Jang Boo Chi, a former Auburn-based doctor, has conceded to allegations of recklessly overprescribing opioids and other controlled drugs, resulting in a settlement with the Justice Department.

Prosecutors stated that Dr. Chi allowed patient demands to dictate his prescription choices, disregarding medical best practices.

He frequently prescribed a perilous mix of opioids, benzodiazepines, and carisoprodol, a combination labeled the “Holy Trinity.”

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Dr. Chi’s negligent prescription practices came under scrutiny when one patient, despite contradictory drug screenings, was prescribed an assortment of drugs and later died from their combined effects. Another patient was given an excessive amount of medications even after the DEA had questioned Dr. Chi’s actions.

The settlement concludes with Dr. Chi relinquishing his DEA registration, barring him from seeking a renewal for a minimum of 15 years, and a fine of $135,000.