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NY judge maintains cannabis license injunction amid favoritism claims

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A New York judge has ruled that a preliminary injunction on conditional adult-use retail dispensary (CAURD) licenses will continue, denying any exemptions.

This decision follows allegations that certain applicants for state-issued cannabis licenses were unjustly favored.

While the judge previously permitted 23 cannabis stores to commence operations despite the injunction, he called upon the state Office of Cannabis Management to provide evidence that an additional 30 stores slated for exemption had fulfilled all necessary conditions for opening. The judge later found the provided documentation lacking clarity.

The lawsuit, presented before Judge Kevin Bryant, was initiated by four military veterans seeking cannabis sales licenses. They argue that the Office of Cannabis Management’s licensing process deviates from the regulations established in March 2021.

Central to their grievance is the claim that priority is being unduly granted to individuals with past marijuana convictions in New York, sidelining disabled veterans and other groups. The judge has now requested a detailed submission from the state office to consider the exemption for each licensee individually.