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New York Thruway Authority celebrates 1 billion cashless transactions

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The New York State Thruway Authority reported that since the introduction of cashless tolling in November 2020, they’ve processed over one billion transactions. These transactions, made on the Thruway’s former ticketed system, represent over 17.4 billion miles traveled and have brought in more than $2.1 billion in toll revenues. The Thruway operates as a user-fee roadway and doesn’t rely on federal, state, or local tax dollars.

Frank G. Hoare, Thruway Authority Interim Executive Director, expressed his gratitude, emphasizing the environmental and safety benefits of the modern system. “Cashless tolling saves time, is environmentally friendly, and improves safety at toll plazas previously known for congestion,” said Hoare. The advanced system boasts over 2,000 state-of-the-art cameras mounted on gantries across the state.

Since the introduction of cashless tolling, E-ZPass sign-ups have surged. Currently, about 87% of Thruway trips utilize E-ZPass for transactions. NY E-ZPass users enjoy a 30% saving on tolls compared to the Tolls by Mail rate. E-ZPass-On-the-Go tags can be purchased at various outlets across the state, including Thruway Service Areas, local grocery and convenience stores, New York State DMVs, and online.

For those without an E-ZPass, toll bills are dispatched to the registered vehicle owner’s address. Multiple payment options, from online to in-person, are available for users’ convenience. The Thruway Authority continues to invest in public education about the system and billing, making several enhancements since 2017. These include improvements to the Tolls by Mail website, revised toll bills, increased signage, and the 2019 establishment of the Office of the Toll Payer Advocate.

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