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Lodi will dedicate second historic marker at Lodi Point Marine Park

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The Town of Lodi has received its second historical marker, a prestigious accolade from the William G. Pomeroy Foundation, to honor Lodi Point’s rich history. From its indigenous origins to its transformation into a prominent resort, Civil War site, and YWCA Camp, the point has seen its fair share of historical events. After a devastating fire razed the hotel, the overgrown land was procured using eminent domain by the NYS – Finger Lakes Parks and Recreation, and it was reborn as the Lodi Point Marine Park.

Residents and visitors are invited to join the dedication ceremony on September 1, starting at noon, rain or shine. Attendees can look forward to a day filled with family-friendly activities, historical insights, and an atmosphere of reflection. While parking will be free for the day, attendees are encouraged to bring blankets, packed lunches, and lawn chairs.

The event will feature an array of guests and speakers. The lineup includes Devora Johnson performing the National Anthem, James Cover from the Lodi Historical Society, park rangers Don Greule Sampson and Fred Bonn, Josh Teeter from FL Parks Education and Outreach, Laurie Rubin who conceived the Lodi Point Tree Walk, and Gary Emerson, Schuyler County Historian, who will shed light on the lake’s boating history and Lodi Point’s legacy.

In a nod to history, attendees will also get a glimpse into a 1790 surveyor’s first impressions of the site.

The program aims to be concise, leaving attendees ample time to picnic, savor the park’s natural beauty, and witness a picturesque sunset. As summer draws to an end, parents are encouraged to bring their school-age children for a refreshing dose of nature and local history before the academic year commences. Leashed pets are welcome, and everyone is urged to spread the word about this end-of-summer historical gathering.