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No HABs reported in the first week of the season on Seneca Lake

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The first week of the 2023 HAB (Harmful Algal Blooms) season on Seneca Lake saw no blooms, potentially due to the week’s cooler temperatures and windier conditions. During the week, 55 shoreline surveys were conducted, accounting for about 60% of the lake’s zones.

Currently, there are roughly 130 volunteers monitoring 70% of the shoreline. Despite the robust volunteer force, there’s a need for more hands, especially in the lake’s southwest region near Glenora Point. As the HAB season progresses, the possibility of more blooms remains. It’s essential to remember that HABs can appear anywhere on the lake, often forming on calm days.

Residents and visitors are urged to familiarize themselves with the appearance of HABs. If a bloom is suspected, they should capture an image and email it to [email protected], indicating their location or call the HABs Hotline at 1-800-220-1609. Additionally, there’s a common algae, Cladophora, that’s frequently confused with HABs. Unlike HABs, Cladophora is non-toxic and grows on submerged hard surfaces, breaking free due to wind or wave action and washing ashore. In contrast, HABs can be dispersed easily by wind and waves.