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Why are gas prices nearing $4 in New York?

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As gas prices in New York approach $4 per gallon, marking over a 20-cent rise in just a month, residents are feeling the pinch. The current state average stands at $3.90, surpassing the national average of $3.82, according to data from AAA.

Despite the recent uptick, the prices remain lower than last year’s staggering $4.41 per gallon. Elizabeth Carey, AAA’s Director of Public Relations and Corporate Communications, notes, “We’re still lower than we were one year ago,” but expects behavioral shifts like combining errands to conserve fuel among residents.

The increase can be attributed to multiple factors. The cost of oil, currently over $80 a barrel, directly influences gas prices and has seen a 12% rise since last month.

New York’s tax structure and lack of in-state refinery mean higher delivery costs, elevating fuel prices.

Moreover, extreme heat led to temporary shutdowns of several refineries, further driving up the costs. As for any potential relief, Carey indicates it’s uncertain. Although prices typically dip in colder months due to cheaper winter fuel blends, the imminent hurricane season poses threats that might lead to further hikes.

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