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Watch out for the Box Tree Moth in Cayuga County, state says

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The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets has announced additional sightings of the invasive Box tree moth in the Cayuga County region, prompting concern for the area’s nursery and horticultural industry.

The Box tree moth, which poses a major threat to boxwood plants, has led to increased surveying and trapping efforts along Lake Ontario. Residents of Cayuga, Oswego, and Jefferson counties are being urged to report any sightings to aid inspectors in assessing impacted areas and controlling the spread. The Department previously identified the pest in Niagara County, near the Canadian border.

As part of its response, the state plans to visit residential properties along Lake Ontario to place traps for the moth, with landowner’s permission. A quarantine is in place in Niagara, Erie, and Orleans counties to manage the spread, restricting the sale and movement of boxwood outside the area.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is also working closely with state officials on management and trapping. Residents are encouraged to inspect their plants for signs of infestation and report them immediately, as the moth can be lethal to the plant. Information on managing infestations and identifying the moth, which is distinguishable by its green and yellow color with white, yellow, and black stripes, is available on the Department’s website and local Cornell Cooperative Extension offices.