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Hornell Police Department will use e-bikes: Investment helps

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The Hornell Police Department recently added two electric bikes (e-bikes) to its equipment roster, marking a progressive step in their commitment to effective community policing.

The heavy-duty e-bikes, reaching speeds up to 30 mph and equipped with police gear including lights and sirens, offer a ground-level perspective that fosters positive interactions with the community. Police Chief Ted Murray praised the e-bikes for enhancing public engagement, with a battery life extended by a pedal assistance feature, allowing officers to navigate the city’s steep hills efficiently.

Safety training accompanies the deployment of the e-bikes, with approximately half of Hornell’s officers already trained under the initiative led by Captain Sexsmith. Mayor John Buckley echoed Murray’s enthusiasm, highlighting the e-bikes as instrumental in strengthening community connections. He lauded the continued investment in public safety as a top priority, noting that the new e-bikes underscore the police department’s dedication to innovative, community-centric law enforcement.

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