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IPD invites applicants for officer exam, highlighting opportunities and benefits in Ithaca

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The Ithaca Police Department (IPD), in conjunction with the Ithaca Police Benevolent Association (PBA), is actively recruiting new officers ahead of the application deadline on August 7th, 2023. “We’re looking for the next generation of officers to serve our great community. We want the best and brightest to apply,” stated Thomas Condzella, the President of the Ithaca PBA. Condzella encourages even those unsure about a career in law enforcement to apply for the exam, stressing that diversity of backgrounds contributes to the strength of the force.

The IPD, characterized as a “small department with big opportunities” by Condzella, extends various career paths to its members beyond regular patrol duties. These options include leadership roles, assignments in the Criminal Investigations Unit or Special Investigations Unit, and specialty roles like the K9 unit, traffic crash reconstruction team, bike patrol, and others. The 2023 Ithaca Police Department Recruitment Video underscores the IPD’s commitment to community policing and engagement.

In addition to the varied roles, the department prides itself on extensive training opportunities, despite recent staffing challenges. “Ithaca PBA members receive some of the best law enforcement training available, and they’re also given the opportunity to become experts in a topic if they desire, to train their colleagues and other police officers in the region,” explained Condzella. These comprehensive training programs aim to ensure the best outcomes on the street and safety for both officers and community members.

The department offers competitive compensation, with top annual salaries reaching $89,884 after three years of service, along with overtime opportunities and benefits such as health insurance and gym memberships. Condzella acknowledged the City Administration for their ongoing support of the PBA, stating, “Providing the gym memberships is a sign that City Hall cares about their police officers, they want us to be healthy, and to go home safely to our families at the end of our shifts.” The PBA and the City Administration are expected to reach an agreement on a new contract by the end of 2023.