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Top 5 Casino Game Streamers

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If you grew up in the 90s, or earlier, the concept of “streaming” as a career may feel alien. The idea that you could make a living, and a healthy one, by playing games online would seem impossible.

Streaming, which in this context means broadcasting your gaming via the internet, began at the start of the 21st century. Over the first decade, it steadily grew in popularity as streamers tried various platforms looking for the right home.

When Twitch launched in 2011, video game streaming moved into a new era. This straightforward, adaptable, and easy-to-use platform allowed high-quality streaming and, crucially, simple monetization.

In 2023, all genres of video games – alongside many other entertainments – are broadcast by huge numbers of individual streamers. Esports have traditionally been popular, but arcade, puzzle, fantasy, and battle games have all found their place.

Another type of game streaming to become incredibly popular is online casino. Many people across the globe are now participating in online gambling with technology making the games more accessible and convenient for those in legal locations. Now, players can head onto their smartphones and visit a casino app to play their favourite casino games which has contributed to more players. And the natural thrill of poker, blackjack, roulette, slots, etc., has converted excellently to streaming and found great popularity.

Audiences watch to learn tips, to enjoy the players’ personalities, or for the simple enjoyment of spectatorship. The result has been a community of casino players who have gained fame, and significant income, from streaming their sessions.

Of course, not every online casino streamer is popular and may find themselves playing to small or non-existent audiences. A handful, however, have managed to capture the world’s attention and become big names, big personalities, and big earners.

To understand what it takes to become a successful casino game streamer, let’s look at the biggest five names today:

  • Roshtein

At the top of the casino streaming world is a man they call the king, Roshtein. Working through Twitch and YouTube, this streamer has managed to amass more than a million regular followers.

Roshtein is an infectious personality who loves to play online slot games and often comes away with big wins. Roshtein looks distinctive, has an eccentric manner, and once won more than $9 million on “Wanted Dead or a Wild”.

Viewed by an average of 15,000 viewers, this Swedish streamer is undoubtedly at the top of the game.

  • Trainwreckstv

One of the biggest rivals to Roshtein’s throne is U.S. gamer Trainwreckstv, known by his mom as Tyler Niknam. Currently followed by more than two million Twitch users, Trainwreckstv streams various games, including casino, and hosts a popular podcast.

In 2021, Trainwreckstv faced controversy due to a sponsorship deal with a casino website. He moved to Canada for a period but has bounced back to cement his place as one the most popular streamers.

His podcast, “Scuffed” brings gamers and streamers together to discuss the issues and developments of the industry.

  • Xposed

Entertainment is the name of the game with Canadian streamer Cody Burnett, aka Xposed. A born broadcaster, Xposed has been streaming since 2015 and has built up a loyal following of over 500,000.

While he started by streaming first-person shooters, Xposed moved to casino games in 2017. Over the last six years, he’s earned several big wins playing online slots, all boosting his popularity.

Peak viewing figures for Xposed occurred in 2022 with a record audience of 21,000 on July 9.

  • ClassyBeef

Unlike the previous examples, ClassyBeef is not just one person, it’s a channel comprised of a group of nine streamers, who have been streaming from Malta since December 2018.

Though relatively new, compared to some of the bigger names, ClassyBeef already has over 260,000 followers. Each member of the collective brings high energy and a unique personality which viewers are responding to in numbers.

On average, ClassyBeef attracts a few thousand viewers per session, with a record of 59,000 on September 1, 2019.

  • CasinoDaddy

Before ClassyBeef, there was CasinoDaddy, three blonde brothers from Sweden named Erik, Anton, and Matthias Joelsson. At the time of writing, they have amassed 188,000 from almost 20,000 hours online.

Not only are their personalities endearing, and their energy additive, but CasinoDaddy’s dedication is unrivaled. For 14 hours every day, you will find at least one of the three Joelsson brothers streaming.

If that isn’t enough, they also upload regular highlights to their YouTube channel. In terms of high-stakes casino content, you won’t find a more prolific creator than CasinoDaddy.

Although the landscape and statistics are always changing, these are the top five casino game streamers today. Other notable figures and channels include m0E_tv, Bidule, VonDice, AyeZee, SpinlifeTV, FossyGFX, Leyla, xQc, and more.

The list goes on and it is constantly growing. Like all broadcast entertainment, individual casino streamers have a shelf life, but the public’s appetite for the industry continues.

Who will be the top five streamers in 2024, or 2025? We don’t know.

Perhaps we’ll check back then and recognize some of the names from this list, perhaps we won’t. Or, just maybe, it will be your name and follower count that we’ll be writing up.

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