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Team Rubicon arrives in Canandaigua to help homeowners continue cleaning up from flood

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In response to the flooding that occurred earlier this month, Ontario County, along with local municipal and non-profit partners, is taking strides to aid recovery efforts. A Flood Information Center was opened today to offer flood recovery information, resources, and practical guidance to those affected. Situated in the Chamber of Commerce Office at 113 South Main St., Canandaigua, the center will operate from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

A significant boost to the recovery effort is the anticipated participation of Team Rubicon, a veteran-led humanitarian organization renowned for its service to global communities during times of disasters and crises. The organization’s “Greyshirts” – consisting of veterans, first responders, and civilian volunteers – are expected to commence their operations as early as tomorrow, July 18th. These volunteers, all of whom are background-checked and trained, will assist residents with water damage needs. Their tasks include removing mud, wet flooring, and appliances, as well as hauling wet drywall and insulation to the curb, thus preparing homes for rebuilding. Notably, all Team Rubicon services are provided free of charge to homeowners, the city, and the county.

Expressing gratitude for the group’s efforts, Ontario County commends the Team Rubicon volunteers for their service and their critical role in community repair and rebuilding after the flood. Homeowners in need of their assistance are urged to visit the Flood Information Center or contact 585-577-8303 to arrange for Team Rubicon’s services.