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3 Apple Productions That Everyone Must Watch in 2023

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Talk to an average person on the street and mention the word, Apple and they will instantly start talking about the company’s flagship gadgetry including the iPhone, pods, iPads, Mac Books, and the more recently released VR headset. In short, most discussions around Apple will center around the firm’s stellar achievements in hardware innovations.

Some of the more acute consumers will also talk about the giant leaps the company has taken in the realm of Software development and might end up mentioning state-of-the-art software technologies like iOS and even Apple’s cloud services.

But what you will not find is people talking about Apple’s amazing contributions to the entertainment industry. While as a matter of fact, the company has long played around with the idea of dominating the entertainment industry.

Apple’s foray into the entertainment industry spans decades and ranges from the purchase of high-profile entertainment giants to Apple’s own original programming. In recent times, Apple TV+, the video content production arm of the giant corporation has been able to churn out a variety of unique and engaging content and has been able to carve out a niche audience for its oft difficult-to-understand and science-heavy programming.

And while Apple TV’s revenues have not been able to rise at exponential rates, unlike some of its counterparts, the service has been able to steadily increase its viewer base and is looking to keep building up in the coming future.

Let’s take a look at some of the numbers behind these claims. In 2022 the enterprise boasted a little less than 39 Million viewers which is expected to rise to over 42 Million before the end of this year. Moreover, if current growth trends hold, the company will have been able to garner almost 48 Million users by the end of 2026. A fairly steady growth rate, right?

If you have still not jumped on the ‘Apple’s Original’ bandwagon, it’s about time that you did, because you are missing out on well-curated and high-budget entertainment. This write-up is directed towards helping you identify top-notch shows top start out your journey.

But before we jump onto our list, we have a single but necessary point to make. No matter how enticing, engaging, or entertaining a show is, you will not be able to make the most out of it if your internet connection keeps lagging. The rightly feared buffered sign has the potential to destroy the best of shows.

So, before you set out on your binge-watching journey and start rushing through the three amazing productions we have picked out ensure that your internet connection is up to the mark. Established Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Spectrum provide high-speed connectivity to Americans at budgeted rates, so make the shift as soon as you can and enjoy enviable speeds.

Now let’s jump on to our first show.


I think every reader would agree that Jason Momoa is one of the best actors our generation has produced. In addition to the sheer points he gets for his amazing looks, Mamoa is an extremely versatile actor who does not shy away from difficult roles. He has managed to pull off something very similar in Apple’s three-season series, See.

The show is set in a dystopian future at least five centuries ahead of our time. After the advent of a deadly virus, mankind loses its sight and the world has been thrown back into the dark ages, no pun intended.

Amid the chaos-stricken superstitious society that has emerged, Jason Mamoa is charged with taking care of two adopted children who can see. The show brings together amazing aspects of the past, present, and future to pack a Sci-Fi punch to remember.


A glance at some of the top shows produced by Apple over the past two to three years makes one thing very evident, the firm is leveraging its position as a tech giant to come up with and produce post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi showing that have managed to take over the niche by storm.

Silo is another new Sc-Fi production that has been able to garner the interest of both, geeks and mass audiences alike.

Set in a post-apocalyptic future where the remnants of mankind have been forced to live in an underground Silo of unknown origins, the show enjoys all aspects of an amazing mystery series.

Just when a viewer thinks that have been able to unpack the plot, the plot makes a twisted comeback that takes you back to square one.

The show recently completed its first season and has already been picked up for a second and is a stellar example of how the production house is set upon outdoing itself.


Alternative history is a sub-genre of science fiction that is immensely hard to properly execute. And since the release of Netflix’s ‘Man on the high castle’ the sub-genre has not been able to produce a show worth remembering or even watching. This was until the release of Apple’s ‘For all Mankind’ of course.

Set in an alternative history whereby the Soviet Union beat the Americans to the moon, the show builds upon cold war drama, space race technology, and social trends of the mid-20th century to create something Sci-Fi fans had been long craving.


One of the biggest and perhaps the most prestigious corporations in the United States has slowly but steadily been able to gain a foothold in the streaming industry. And those of you who have still not jumped on the Apple Original bandwagon risk missing out on the next big thing in the entertainment world.

So, get your popcorn, set up your couches, and start binge-watching the three amazing shows listed in this blog, and we promise you won’t regret it.


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