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New energy efficiency standards for appliances in effect across New York

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Starting June 26, new standards were enforced in New York State requiring all appliances sold to be listed on the State Appliance Standards Database, managed by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership.

The database consists of a comprehensive list of approved appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, air purifiers, and ovens, that comply with new state energy efficiency standards. This initiative aligns with the upcoming ban on gas stoves, favoring cleaner electric alternatives, set to start in 2026, and precedes more expansive actions from the federal government.

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The database is designed to encourage the utilization of the Energy Star program, a national designation for energy-efficient appliances.

Retailers have noted that the transition should not impact operations significantly, as the list of approved products is extensive, and inventory items already in stores are exempted.

Despite these new rules, appliance manufacturers have voiced concerns about possible redundancy and regulatory inconsistency, as New York’s regulations often overlap with those imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the federal Department of Energy (DOE).

As the DOE updates its standards, NYSERDA maintains that products that do not meet New York’s efficiency requirements are currently permitted under the federal system. The appliance industry also noted that consumer trends are often changing faster than governmental standards.

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