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Invasive hydrilla fight on Cayuga Lake gets added firepower

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The Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Environmental Conservations have initiated another round of efforts to eliminate the invasive plant, Hydrilla, from Cayuga Lake using herbicides.

According to the Cayuga County Health Department, the treatment, which will consist of ten applications, is set to commence the week of June 26 and will continue through August.

As each herbicide application takes place, the Army Corps will install signage around the lake to notify the public. Simultaneously, the health department will oversee water quality throughout the process. The authorities assure that there will be no imposed restrictions on drinking water, fishing, swimming, or boating during the herbicide application period.

Hydrilla, a notorious aquatic invasive plant capable of growing up to 30 feet in length, poses significant challenges to the ecosystems of water bodies. The ongoing eradication effort is a crucial step towards restoring the health of Cayuga Lake’s aquatic environment.