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Congress considers options to protect, help Upstate dairy farmers

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Congressman Marc Molinaro introduced the Dairy Farm Resiliency Act to strengthen the safety net for Upstate New York dairy farmers grappling with soaring feed costs.

This legislation aims to improve the Dairy Margin Coverage (DMC) program, which provides a financial safety net for dairy farmers during periods when feed prices surge while milk prices plummet.

Although the DMC has been beneficial, Molinaro asserted that the program needs essential upgrades. The move comes after local dairy farmers voiced concerns about the DMC during Molinaro’s Farm Bill Listening Session.

According to Molinaro’s Press Office, the current DMC coverage levels are based on pre-2014 data, posing significant risk for farms whose production has since grown, leading to insufficient coverage and potential devastating financial losses.

The proposed act mandates an update to the production level every five years to ensure comprehensive insurance for milk production and additional support for medium-sized dairy producers.

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