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Thruway Authority hosts virtual public hearing on toll hike

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The New York State Thruway Authority is set to host a public hearing to discuss proposed toll adjustments on the Thruway system.

The virtual hearing will take place later today, via Cisco Webex events, allowing concerned individuals to voice their thoughts.

Interested participants have been asked to register in advance, with an option to do so by phone at (518) 471-5300.

This move follows the Thruway Authority Board of Directors’ decision in December 2022 to initiate a public process for toll adjustments, which involves public hearings and consideration of public feedback.

Details from the Thruway Authority’s website indicate that under the proposed plan, statewide tolls will be frozen through 2023, upholding some of the lowest toll rates nationwide.

The first toll adjustment for systemwide NY E-ZPass customers since 2010 would then occur in 2024.

Those unable to attend the virtual hearing can submit their comments via email or mail to the New York State Thruway Authority’s Legal Department. The full proposal can be accessed on the Thruway’s official website.

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