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Wayne deputies reject contract: Low pay, lack of retirement plan major sticking points

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  • Josh Durso 

Deputies in Wayne County have ‘overwhelmingly’ rejected the county’s contract offer as its ongoing dispute rolls forward.

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In an update on Tuesday, union representatives from Teamsters, said they turned down Wayne County’s offer in an ongoing dispute over fair compensation.

The offer from Wayne County was apparently not in line with surrounding counties.

“The County Board of Supervisors, along with their appointed County Administrator Rick House, have regrettably refused to provide deputies with salaries commensurate with surrounding agencies, leading to an exodus of experienced officers seeking better opportunities elsewhere,” Sean Walsh said in a statement to press after the announcement.

According to Teamsters, a key issue in the dispute is the lack of a 20-year retirement plan for road patrol deputies, making them one of the few law enforcement agencies in the region without the benefit. “As result, the department has been struggling to retain experienced officers who are enticed by higher-paying agencies that do offer a 20-year retirement benefit,” Walsh added.

They add that the County’s refusal to address these concerns has created an unsustainable situation, jeopardizing the effectiveness of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Department and the safety of the community it serves.

“The Road Patrol Teamsters remain committed to finding a resolution that recognizes the hard work and dedication of their members while also ensuring the efficient operation of the Sheriff’s Department,” the statement continues.

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They called on the Board of Supervisors and County Administrator to negotiate in good faith- by addressing the issues at play. They thanked the public for their continued support and understanding during the dispute.

For their part, officials in Wayne County had indicated some optimism in reaching a deal earlier this spring. That appears to be gone now.