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Top Gaming Venues for Finger Lakes Locals to Sample

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Although most people probably venture to New York City for a technology-based activity, there are a number of options that are closer to home for Finger Lakes locals to sample. Of course, living in an area filled with flowing hills and breathtaking mountains doesn’t always lead people to stay indoors with a tech-related product, but we live in a world now where technology has well and truly taken over.

After all, there’s a reason why the potential TikTok ban is causing such a stir. As pointed out in this Finger Lakes 1 article here at, modern-day tools like TikTok, alongside other social media services, such as Instagram, are important to people.

Likewise, gaming is also a go-to entertainment service that is being explored by millions of people. Be it a smartphone device or a hugely powerful PlayStation 5 console machine, modern-day audiences are now able to explore more gaming products than we’ve ever had access to previously.

Gaming’s image has changed

Given the rise of gaming in today’s world, this growing industry continues to appeal to a range of target audiences, too. In fact, gaming’s image has changed somewhat, resulting in a diverse collection of titles that typically appeal to a selection of different audiences.

For example, the fashion-conscious among us have titles that are dedicated to all things fashion, such as the hit mobile game, Covet Fashion. Additionally, senior members of society have puzzle titles they can play, while millennials have a selection of games that offer a strong social element.

Essentially, in 2023, there is a gaming product for everyone. Gone are the days when gaming was associated with teenage audiences, for example, instead being replaced by a wave of titles that are aimed at everyone.

Given gaming’s notable growth in today’s world, gaming venues are now popping up everywhere. Some venues have been popular for years and are now pulling in new gamers, such as a casino resort, while others champion innovative modern-day gaming products, like virtual reality gaming.

Thankfully, for Finger Lakes residents and visitors, there are some gaming venues that are well worth frequenting. Some options are in the area, while others are in neighbouring locations.

Del Lago Resort & Casino represents a top night out

A more traditional gaming option, people have always frequented casino resorts. Thankfully, for Finger Lakes locals, options like Del Lago Resort & Casino immediately stand out.

If you find yourself playing poker with friends or making the most of top casino bonuses thanks to useful resources like, before playing a range of online games at options like Lucky Days Casino and Jet Casino, then you might fancy experiencing a casino resort.

Luckily, the area is surrounded by an array of top casinos that are capable of providing you with a memorable gaming escapade. From classic table games like poker to a selection of slot games, there is something for everyone at a casino.

Many of the top casinos offer a choice of delicious food and mouthwatering drinks, too. Del Lago Resort & Casino is certainly one of them, with this Waterloo-based casino representing a great night out.

The Great Escape Room is a fun challenge

If casino gaming isn’t your thing, then attempting to navigate your way through options like The Great Escape Room might be. A real-life room escape game that has taken inspiration from a number of popular video games, this challenging but extremely fun adventure is always memorable.

After forming your team, you’ll then be locked in a room for 60 minutes and tasked with finding clues and solving puzzles in order to break free and smash the challenge. Located in Rochester, The Great Escape Room has been entertaining groups of people for years now.

It’s also an extremely popular activity in the business world, with companies embracing the team-building aspect of these testing scenarios.

The Museum of Intrigue is truly immersive

Even though some sections of society still find museums boring, as pointed out in this article at, there are some alternative venues that aim to put such opinions to bed with a more fun and immersive experience.

Syracuse’s Museum of Intrigue does exactly that thanks to a brilliant interactive game space. As players explore the museum, a story unfolds around them as the museum’s guides task visitors with having to solve a variety of mysteries and puzzles.

Along the journey, each room has its own unique tale to be told as guests interact with strange characters and discover clues. Taking up to two hours to play, the Museum of Intrigue is a brilliant thing to do. 

Other gaming venues in the immediate and surrounding areas include iSmash Rochester, Bill Gray’s Iceplex, WonderWorks, and Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack.

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