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Thruway Authority is owed $276.3 million in tolls

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New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s recent audit revealed that the New York Thruway Authority needs to enhance its identification, billing, and collection of tolls and related fees, including $276.3 million currently pursued by a collection agency.

Accounting for over 90% of the Thruway’s revenue, tolls and associated fees in 2021 amounted to $804 million, with a significant portion unpaid by out-of-state drivers.

Despite possessing the ability to request suspension of vehicle registration for in-state vehicles with three or more violations in five years, the Thruway has made limited use of this tool due to negative press and public concerns.

The audit exposed shortcomings in the Thruway’s system of identifying license plates, potentially leading to missed revenues, and recommended changes including improving the selection methodology for accounts referred for suspension, monitoring trends in image rejections, and assessing the feasibility of expanding registration suspension agreements.

In response, the Thruway Authority indicated its alignment with some recommendations and highlighted its efforts to improve the cashless tolling experience. The authority emphasized the importance of every user paying their fair share to maintain the Thruway’s status as one of the nation’s safest superhighways.

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