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How can New York’s roads be made safer?

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Amy Cohen, a long-time traffic safety advocate after losing her son in a tragic accident, joins several campaigners pushing for stronger safety measures to address the increasing fatalities on New York’s roadways.

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These advocates are rallying as the state legislative session comes to a close, presenting a final opportunity to enact preventative measures aimed at reducing traffic-related deaths across the state. Proposed actions include a crash victims bill of rights, a mandatory 3-foot passing distance for bicycles, permitting New York City to establish its own speed limits, and endorsing safer street designs funded by state and federal dollars.

As per federal safety data, New York witnessed a 12% surge in traffic fatalities from 2019 to 2020, underlining the urgent need for comprehensive traffic safety reform. Anne Savage from the New York Bicycle Coalition highlighted that this issue affects all areas of the state, necessitating statewide solutions.

Lawmakers including Democratic State Senator Tim Kennedy aspire for New York’s traffic laws to set a national standard, while Brooklyn Senator Andrew Gounardes emphasized that traffic fatalities disproportionately impact people of color, necessitating swift changes to policy, laws, and public perceptions.

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