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Hochul’s solution to migrant housing crisis: Let them work legally

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New York’s Governor, Kathy Hochul, and Mayor Eric Adams called on the federal government on Monday to fast-track the employment eligibility process for tens of thousands of migrants living in the state.

Criticizing the “bigoted policies” of local officials trying to block migrant settlement, Hochul asked President Joe Biden’s administration to shorten the 180-day waiting period for employment for asylum seekers. According to Hochul, this move could help address the state’s worker shortage, with more than 5,000 migrants arriving in the city just in the last week.

The existing waiting period was deemed inadequate by both leaders, especially as New York struggles to find housing solutions for the incoming migrant population, expected to increase after the expiration of a pandemic-related immigration order.

Hochul and Adams are advocating for the right of migrants to work in the state and also grappling with the challenge of migrant housing. Hochul has condemned county executives issuing orders to prevent migrant housing in their communities, calling for unity in dealing with the crisis. As part of the effort, New York has earmarked $1 billion for migrant aid, which is only 30% of the amount Adams suggested is needed.