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What’s the booster guidance on latest COVID-19 variant?

The recently identified COVID-19 subvariant, known as Arcturus, has led to questions regarding booster shot recommendations. Arcturus, which is closely related to previous Omicron subvariants, now accounts for nearly 10% of new COVID cases in the United States, according to NBC News.

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First detected in January, the majority of Arcturus cases have been reported outside the country. Concerns have arisen as to whether another booster shot is necessary to protect against this new subvariant.

The FDA and CDC recently authorized a second dose of the updated COVID booster for individuals aged 65 and older, as well as those with compromised immune systems.

Experts recommend consulting with your personal healthcare provider before receiving any vaccinations or boosters. The FDA has stated that the Pfizer and Moderna updated boosters are available for individuals at least four months after their previous dose.