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$17 minimum wage proposal more likely than $20+ in NY

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New York state legislators are in the process of finalizing a budget plan that could see the minimum wage increase to $17 an hour in the coming years. Sources familiar with the matter revealed that the wage in the New York City area is expected to rise from its current $15 an hour to $17 by 2026, with increments of 50 cents per year starting in 2024. In areas north of Westchester County, the minimum wage would grow from $14.20 to $17 an hour by 2028.

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The proposed plan also includes tying future minimum wage increases to inflation. Governor Kathy Hochul had supported linking the wage to inflation in her initial budget proposal, ensuring that workers’ incomes keep pace with the cost of living.

Democratic Senator Jessica Ramos and Assembly Member Latoya Joyner had previously advocated for a statewide minimum wage of $21.25 an hour. However, the current proposal under negotiation aims to strike a balance between business interests and workers’ needs.

New York’s minimum wage last saw an increase at the end of 2016 when it was gradually raised to $15 an hour in the New York City metropolitan area. For regions north of Westchester, minimum wage hikes after 2021 have been determined by a board within the state Department of Labor.

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Lawmakers and Governor Hochul are working diligently this week to finalize a state budget that is anticipated to include the minimum wage provision, providing a financial boost for many low-income workers across the state.

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