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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Las Vegas?

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Las Vegas is the obvious destination for anyone seeking the thrills of land-based casinos. Whether you plan on gambling at roulette, blackjack, and baccarat tables or seek the excitement of poker, this is the place to be. Sports betting is also legal here since 1949, so state residents are quite familiar with this type of excitement. When it comes to online gambling, there’s a certain level of doubt if online sports betting is legal in Sin City. We’re going to answer that question in the paragraphs below

Sports betting moves to online venues

Las Vegas is home to some of the most amazing casinos in the world. Slots, table games, and poker are the main source of entertainment here, but sports betting was always possible at the premises. Players used to place a side bet on a sports event, so they have something to watch while playing their favorite casino games. When Internet gambling became illegal in the US, local players were just as affected as their counterparts but had plenty of alternatives in Sin City casinos.

As soon as the reels were set in motion to legalize sports betting nationwide, Las Vegas casinos were quick to respond. The same companies that provide traditional sports betting opportunities in land-based locations embraced online activities. They had the resources, background, and connections to provide players with an excellent alternative. Many of them continue to operate from brick-and-mortar locations while having intuitive and visually appealing websites for online gamblers.

The upside of playing at an online bookmaker headquartered in Nevada is self-evident for local players. These operators hold the necessary licenses, while also projecting an image of trust by having a local presence. “These are all important ingredients in the recipe for success and sports betting fans were quick to embrace the Internet gambling alternatives” according to online betting experts — The online sports betting services they provide are not restricted to local players and fellow Americans from other parts of the country can also tag along.

International bookmakers are at the gates

The American gambling market is of tremendous interest to international companies and bookmakers in particular. Everyone hopes to enter this lucrative market and they are well-positioned to set up shop as soon as the law allows it. Some of the biggest names in sports betting are already here and they have established lucrative partnerships with local casinos. These allow them to cater to local players while expanding their presence in the US states, Nevada included.

The vast majority of modern punters use handheld devices to bet on sports, including live matches. The most respected bookmakers are international brands that have been around for decades. They’ve had plenty of time to adjust their platforms, so they work brilliantly on smartphones and tablets. Las Vegas residents can now bet on sports at foreign bookmakers licensed locally using their mobile devices. Healthy competition compels bookmakers to offer bigger odds and better bonuses, so sports betting fans from Nevada are in an enviable position.

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