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Sheriff Cirencione: Week highlights important work of dispatchers, 911 workers

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Ontario County Sheriff David Cirencione has announced the beginning of National Public Safety Telecommunicators’ Week, which recognizes the crucial role of dispatchers and communication officers in emergency services. These dedicated professionals are the first point of contact for people who summon emergency services, whether it’s for a minor issue like locked keys in a car or a critical medical emergency.

In his statement, Sheriff Cirencione highlighted the professionalism and innovation of Ontario County’s 911 center, which was the first in New York State to achieve accreditation. He also noted the center’s ongoing work towards “Next Generation 911”, which will replace the current analog infrastructure with a more reliable and resilient internet-based system that can handle photos, videos, and text messages.

Sheriff Cirencione expressed pride in the county’s Public Safety Telecommunicators and urged the public to thank them for their service. He also shared two important tips for anyone who needs to call 911: if you dial by mistake, stay on the line while the dispatcher confirms your location and that there is no emergency, and if you do need to call for an emergency, stay on the line to answer critical questions that can assist emergency responders.

National Public Safety Telecommunicators’ Week is a time to recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of these frontline heroes who are always there to answer our calls when we need them most.

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