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FDA will make Narcan available in stores: How much will it cost?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking steps to make Narcan, a life-saving drug for those experiencing an overdose, more accessible by making it available over the counter.

Experts say its a more toward harm reduction. There are still several processes that need to be completed before the drug becomes widely available.

The FDA announced the change last week, but the drug’s manufacturer must first alter the packaging and label requirements before it reaches store shelves, which could happen by late summer.

One concern arising from this move is the potential cost of the over-the-counter Narcan. Currently, with insurance, the price does not exceed $40, but it remains to be seen whether the cost will remain affordable for all when sold over the counter.

For those seeking Narcan now, options include consulting a pharmacist or obtaining a prescription from a doctor. Additionally, training on how to use Narcan is available, with 3-5 minute sessions in-person or online resources, such as QR codes. This ensures that individuals have the necessary knowledge to use Narcan in emergency situations.