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What concerns loom with ‘Good Cause Eviction’ push in Albany?

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A state Appellate Court has struck down the “good cause eviction” law implemented by the city of Albany earlier this month. The ruling effectively ends the conversation on a local level unless the state’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, decides to hear the city of Albany’s appeal.

The “good cause eviction” policy requires property owners to provide a cause for an eviction and limits the amount they can raise rent on tenants. Albany was the first city to implement the policy, which includes a 5% cap on rent increases with exceptions for renovations and higher rises in the consumer price index.

The law was struck down by an Appellate Court judge who ruled that the city does not have the authority to change the relationship between tenants and property owners, adding that power lies with the state. The ruling effectively preempts the city’s law.

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The “good cause” eviction bill, sponsored by Sen. Julia Salazar and Assemblymember Pam Hunter, has not passed either chamber and sits in the Senate Judiciary and Assembly Housing committees.