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Big changes coming to DMV inspections: What’s new?

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is in the process of introducing a new design for inspection stickers, which includes a shift to new software. Vehicle inspections in New York State typically include safety and emissions checks, and inspectors are accustomed to using tablet checklists to complete these checks.

With the DMV’s transition to a new inspection sticker design, the inspection software is also changing from NYVIP2 to the latest version, NYVIP3, which will alter the way inspectors print the latest version of the inspection sticker. The newest sticker design will now contain vehicle-specific information, such as license plate numbers and mileage, in addition to a QR code linked to the vehicle’s inspection record.

However, inspectors will have to navigate a slightly different interface when connecting to the New York state computer.

Due to a delay in the rollout of the NYVIP3 program caused by chip shortages, some inspection sites will continue using the old system for now. The new software is expected to be implemented in all inspection sites in the state within a year. Although the new stickers printed with the NYVIP3 system will contain more vehicle-specific information than the old stickers printed with NYVIP2, Schrader assures the motoring public that the stickers are still valid inspection stickers, and there is nothing different that they should be concerned about.

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