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SUNY Chancellor King visits Cayuga Community College

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SUNY Chancellor John King made a stop at Cayuga Community College’s Auburn campus on Monday as part of his statewide tour of SUNY’s 64 campuses.

King visited with the college’s leadership, including President Brian Durant, and toured the campus, interacting with students along the way.

During his visit, King engaged with nursing students and inquired about legislation that would allow them to receive 30% of their training in simulated laboratories, like the one at CCC.

Students expressed their approval of the simulated labs, which offer different scenarios and a closely guided experience.

King also stopped at the CCC library to learn more about the college’s tutoring program and sat with a group of students to gather feedback on their experiences at the college. Students shared their reasons for attending CCC, such as affordability, and offered suggestions for improvement, including more food options and increased in-person class offerings.