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Seneca supervisors vote 10-1 to increase room tax from 3% to 5%

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The Seneca County Board of Supervisors has voted 10-1 in favor of increasing the room occupancy tax from 3% to 5%, in a move aimed at boosting tourism in the county. The decision, which was made at a meeting on Tuesday, follows the approval of a home-rule resolution requesting that the state Legislature approves the increase, which is expected to take effect from January 1, 2024.

The majority of the funds generated by the tax are channeled to the county Chamber of Commerce, which acts as the official tourism promotion agency. A portion is set aside for the board to allocate to those who apply for tourism-related projects.

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Varick Supervisor Bob Hayssen voted against the motion. He considered tabling the measure so landlords could be asked for their views on the increase. However, Hayssen ultimately decided against it.

The move to increase the room occupancy tax has been welcomed by the county’s tourism industry, which sees it as a positive step towards enhancing the sector’s growth and competitiveness. With the expected increase in revenue from the tax, the county Chamber of Commerce will have more resources to promote the area’s tourist attractions and boost its profile as a destination of choice.