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Inflation and Debt: A Working Mom’s Financial Struggle

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Stephanie Roth, a 41-year-old single mother of three, was once able to bring big-ticket items to her kids’ daycare parties. But after the pandemic, she went through a divorce and struggled to support her family on a $40,000 salary.

With the rising costs of childcare, gas, food, and clothing, Roth’s paycheck barely covered her basic expenses. She started relying on credit cards to pay for extra expenses, causing her debt to balloon from a few thousand dollars to over $25,000.

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Despite her efforts to pay more than the minimum amount, the increasing interest rates made it hard for her to get ahead.

Like many other Americans, Roth was unable to receive government assistance due to her income level. She dreams of having enough extra money to provide her kids with memorable moments, and of once again being able to bring sandwiches and cupcakes to the daycare party.

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