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ALDI introducing self-checkout lanes to some Finger Lakes stores

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Discount supermarket chain ALDI is adding self-checkout lanes to its stores, including several in the Rochester area. ALDI is known for its no-frills approach to shopping, where clerks scan groceries quickly and customers bag their items in a designated area after paying. The addition of self-checkout lanes is a significant change for the supermarket, which was founded in Germany in 1946 and is now headquartered in Illinois.

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The first self-checkout lane opened last week at the Long Pond Road, Greece location, and three other stores are scheduled to have them installed later this year.

Industry experts believe that self-checkouts can help reduce labor costs for the company, something that has long been a focus for ALDI. Self-checkouts take up less space and can accommodate more shoppers, allowing the company to expand its business. ALDI has seen a surge in business over the past two years, as consumers try to save money amid soaring food prices.

ALDI is in the midst of a massive U.S. expansion and is struggling to hire enough people to keep up with its plans. Self-checkouts could help alleviate this issue, and the company hopes to maintain a good balance between self-checkouts and staffed lanes. ALDI carries far fewer items than its larger competitors, which reduces the chances of scanning problems.

Some shoppers have expressed concerns that self-checkouts could slow down the shopping experience. However, industry experts believe that workers will step in when customers encounter issues, and that self-checkouts are becoming more prevalent in the grocery industry. Ultimately, ALDI sees the addition of self-checkout lanes as a necessary step to modernize its business and better serve its customers.